Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's Your Theme Song?

It seems like I have always somehow associated my life with some type of theme song. You know, the kind you listen to over and over again and sing at the top of your lungs! I think I do this because I am (and I admit this freely) a bit of a drama queen! Being a drama queen, I always think I am the leading lady in my own movie. So of course I need a theme song, right?

When I was in junior high, I would say my theme song was Girl's Just Want to have Fun.

High School, definitely Elevate My Mind. Just read the lyrics!! My friend (now sister in law, story for another time!) and I would drive around in her Buick singing it at the top of our lungs... Give me a break people. I was a teen in the 90's.

College was such a roller coaster that I can't pinpoint one song...I had MANY!

Of course, during the big break up with my husband (boyfriend at the time), I Will Survive. Although, I am pretty sure that is every girl's "break up" theme song. I would listen to it every morning on the way to work. Well, not so much listening as YELLING the lyrics. Gloria Gaynor knew what she was doing when she wrote that song!!! Of course, he came to his senses and we got back together to live happily ever after!!

So, I was thinking tonight...what is my theme song for this point in my life....I'm not really sure. I don't think I really have one. I mean, there are a lot of songs that I sing (loudly) in the blue minivan. My Daughter's Eyes (The Red Head calls this our song),  Anyway, and This One's for the Girls (we love Martina McBride). Honestly, we sing lots of songs in the car, but none have really been dubbed (by me) my theme song. 

Maybe I don't have a theme song anymore... Is it possible that I am no longer a leading lady? Am I NOW the MOTHER of the leading lady??

What's your theme song? 


  1. lol, take a look at the name of my blog, "I'm still standing!" Yup, that's it!!

  2. I've been listening to "You and Me" by DMB, and it's also what plays on my blog. It has been just he and me (toss in a couple kids over the years) for a while now, ever since leaving our home state in mid-2003.

  3. Check out this song: 1982 by Bowling for Soup. I am not dubbing this as my song, but for some odd reason my children have!

  4. Go minivan bloggers!! :)

    Oh, music. Well, you've been to Crumbs so you know how much we love music and I'd have to say that my theme song changes hourly! LOL! Suvi (the 7 year old) is actually enjoying Girls Just Want to Have Fun these days!

    At the moment, I'd say mine is Get Some Sleep by New Zealand artist Bic Runga. But if you want to hear some really great music, I've just started a new music blog sharing my favourite Canadian tunes! Bet you could find a new soundtrack song on the site. :)

  5. It used to be Helen Reddy's "I am woman"!

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.

  6. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. LOVE this post...I think my theme song right now is Enjoy the Journey...I'm trying my best to enjoy our journey of trying to become parents :)

    Please come back and enter my's a good one!