Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me Monday!!!

Brought to you by McKmama

I was not super excited to meet my friend and her daughter and my mom to take the two girls to American Girl. Only to have the Brunette PUKE in the car all over himself not once but twice on the way to drop him off at his other grandma's house. Then, I was definitely NOT annoyed at him that I would have to cancel my trip with the girls to American Girl. NOT ME. I would never be annoyed at one of my kids for getting sick!

Oh, and I did not ask him 9 million times if he was sure he didn't feel good. And if he was SURE he didn't want to go for his special day with his grandma. NOT ME!!!

It also NEVER crossed my mind that I could drop him off anyway and pretend like the throwing up never happened (except he had no shirt on and was as white as a ghost). NOT ME. 

I did not stay in bed on Sunday until 10. NOT ME. Never happened.

I did not curse the time change. 


  1. in bed til 10??? I am soooo jealous right now!!

  2. I had to laugh about dropping him off and pretending like the puke didn't happen! My husband drops my kid's off at daycare, and he has had puke happen numerous times in the morning, but he'll drop them off anyway...he calls the puke "an isolated incident!"

    Oh, and last Memorial Day we went to Florida for a short vacation, and my 4 year randomly puked the whole time we were there! Sea World, The Cheescake Factory, everywhere!

    Hope you get to go to American Girl soon!

  3. aww, sorry! I know, Ive got an 8 yo and I keep thinking pretty soon she'll be to big to go! We are in Tulsa, so its a 4 hour dr to the one in Dallas. I hope you get to go soon :) And Poor baby boy!! Hugs, LA

  4. Thanks for the comments!! I know, I hope we can go in the next few months.