Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Miracle...

I have mentioned Layla Grace in two of my previous posts. I am amazed at how many other bloggers are also mentioning prayers for this brave two year old. I learned about her only a few days ago. I joined the facebook page for little Layla. It is incredible how many people, strangers are praying for this sweet angel. Her parents use twitter as a way of updating family and friends of Layla's condition. So many people are following the story that they now have over 25,000 followers. She is quickly losing her battle with neuroblastoma. I am in awe at how one little girl has touched so many thousands of people in such a short time. Prayers upon prayers are being said for a little girl that many have never even met. Layla's parents did not receive the miracle they were seeking, for their daughter to be healed from the vicious cancer. But what a miracle they did receive...their angel, Layla, if only for a short time. She has touched the hearts of thousands.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Box

So the Captain and watched an interesting movie tonight, The Box . I thought it was pretty good. I guess it was kind of a Sci Fi/Thriller. I won't give the whole movie away, but basically a typical suburban family, with some pretty major financial problems is faced with a dilemma. Do they push a button in a box, causing someone they don't know an untimely death, and receive one million dollars. Or do they not push the button and the offer goes to someone else...Hmm.....interesting proposal. Anyway, I won't tell you what they decided to do, however, it is not that hard to figure out seeing they made a whole movie of it!

 It was pretty good, not realistic, but hey, isn't that why we watch movies? To escape  our own lives for a little while. Anyway, if you like suspenseful movies then you should check this one out. Plus it has Cameron Diaz, and how cute is she? 

This coming week, I am going to start posting easy recipes in my blog! I am not gonna lie, I hate don't really enjoy cooking all that much. I realize that I am a stay at home mom, and I should LOVE cooking; but honestly, I don't find much pleasure in being in the kitchen at all. Soooo, I cook super easy things that don't require much prep work. Remember, we are a one income household so not only do I make easy meals, they are pretty inexpensive!  Be sure to check back!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Show Us Your Life (Collections)

I totally did this wrong and linked my blog to Kelly's Korner before posting this...sorry!!! Anyway, today is Collections. I have been collecting crosses for a LONG time. When I lived in my old house, I had an entire wall of crosses. Now we have a much smaller house with much less wall space. I don't have all of my crosses up, but I do have some of my fav's displayed! I love crosses and I am pretty sure I have at least one in every room. Here is a sample of just a few.
This is in my kitchen, a mini wall of crosses!
Silver, I have many silver crosses!!
Ok, I totally have been meaning to lower the cross. It is too high, but you get the idea!
Just trying out different angles!!
In the Brunette's room!!

Like I said, I have lots more that is just a sample!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Life Happens

When I started this blog(all of yesterday!), I thought this was going to be a funny account of the daily grind of being a stay at home mom of 3. I planned to be funny and witty and hopefully learn to laugh at myself more! Then I came across little Layla Grace and her story. Suddenly, I don't feel so funny or witty. I don't know why this little girl has made such an impact on me. I am not naive, I know that there are way too many sick kids in this world. I have read and heard many stories of children suffering. But this particular little girl is affecting me in a way I can't understand. I have never met Layla or her family. So what is it about her? Is it her piercing blue eyes? Her angelic little face? Maybe it is because when I look at her I think of my youngest, the Blond One. She is just 13 months and also has the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen. Maybe when I look at little Layla, I see my own baby girl. 

Maybe it is just the fact that I am a mother, who takes for granted the little things in life. I have days when I feel like NOTHING goes right. I feel beat down by the loads of laundry, toys piled up everywhere, the Red Head talking back, the Brunette pooping his pants, and I just want to drive away. I get so caught up with the little things...BUT that's just it. They are such little things. I can't imagine watching my child sleeping and knowing that there is a possibility that he or she won't wake up. I admire the strength and courage of all the parents of  sick and suffering children. I don't know if I could EVER find that kind of strength or courage.

So in the meantime, I will continue to pray for Little Layla Grace. I pray for that she finds peace and comfort during her last days. I will also try to let the "little" things go. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Praying for Little Layla Grace

I have recently been following the story of a little girl named Layla Grace She is a two year old suffering from Neuroblastoma. I won't go into her whole story, because it is not mine to tell, but you should go to her mom's blog. It is very touching and I have been thinking about her a lot.  I can't imagine what it must be like to watch your child suffer from such a horrible disease. I am amazed at the strength and courage from such a small being. I am also amazed at the strength of her family.

 It makes me realize how lucky I am. I know that often we get so busy throughout the day. We miss special moments with our children so we can fold one more load of laundry or quickly empty the dishwasher. So often, I am annoyed at the constant, "Mooommmmyyyy......." I look forward to the times when peace and quiet it finally mine!! But not today. Today, I am thinking of Layla and all of the special moments that her family will miss with her, not because of chores, but because she will no longer be with them. What they wouldn't give to hear, "Moooommmmmyyy". 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Party for 5

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be the Co Captain of a minivan, I would have laughed in your face. My husband, the Captain, would have probably laughed harder. NEVER would we drive one of those obnoxious cars that I constantly sped passed. Even if I had kids, I would drive a cute sporty SUV. HA!! My older self laughs in the face of my younger self. I had a cute sporty SUV, leather seats, sun roof, the whole nine yards. That was TWO kids ago!! I traded that in for a much more spacious means of transportation. Do you have any idea how convenient the sliding doors and captain's chairs are for THREE, yes THREE car seats. Not to mention all the space in the back for the double stroller, pack and play, and a trunk full of groceries. You'd be surprised at how much stuff you can fit into the back of a minivan. Leather seats?? Who needs them. After all, the purpose of a minivan is for practicality. Think of all the juice spills, crunched up cheerios, throw up (yes, my van has been puked in many times), why spend the extra money on such luxuries. So, cloth seats it was!

So, that's what I did...traded my old life (cute sporty SUV) for my new one (blue minivan). I wouldn't trade back for anything!!