Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Guppy Big Pond

Seriously, this is too much!! I had to register my first born for Kindergarten today AND then pay for her cap and gown for her preschool graduation. Are you kidding me??? She was just a tiny baby (5 lbs and 14 oz to be exact!). Now she is a red haired ball of fire that is going to sport a cap and gown in May and start school in the fall. I thought I would be really excited about her going to school from 8-3 Monday-Friday, but I walked in and the school looked HUGE...Way bigger then her little church school she goes to. She is like a little guppy in a big pond.

I am excited to join PTA and take her back to school shopping!! I am not excited that she has to be in her seat by 8 am or she is tardy. YIKES!!! Well, life is changing and babies are growing...Welcome to our new chapter!!

1 comment:

  1. It will be an adjustment for both of you, but I'm sure she will love it! You're allowed to cry on the first day of school, at least I did. I'll be crying right along with you this fall when my baby starts kindergarten:(

    P.S. I think my daughter is up to 5 tardies this year in first grade. Hey, I can't help it...I'm not a morning person, and we live a half hour from school!