Monday, March 8, 2010

Once a Year!

Am I the only one who spends more time getting ready for the dreaded yearly gyno appointment, then I did my wedding night? I mean seriously, I took a long hot bath and groomed myself with more time and technique then I have in a LONG time!!! I even pulled out my special lotion so I could smell pretty. I had to laugh at myself (which I do a lot). Honestly, is my doctor really going to notice the extra care I took in getting ready!! The poor hubby thought he was going to get lucky...I had to quickly burst his bubble.So even though I dread the uncomfortableness of lying, stirrups and all, at least I know that I took the extra time to make myself presentable!!

I am the first to admit that, at times, I can be a slacker mom. Sometimes, my kids eat cereal for dinner because I don't feel like cooking. Every once in awhile, we skip bath night just because I don't feel like wrestling the three in the tub. WEll, tonight was one of those slacker nights. The Red Head and I usually go to dance on Monday nights. It's one of those things where I don't feel like driving the 30 minutes in traffic, but once I get there I am glad I did. was pouring rain and my house was very cozy. I wanted pizza instead...SO, I told the Red Head that dance class was cancelled because of the storm...We stayed home, ate pizza and played. Life is short. There are no guarantees so Slacker or Mom or not, it was worth it!!!


  1. That cracks me up about the dr. I know just what you're talking about! And you're not a slacker're just human! I've come to realize that all these moms who "act" like they have it all together, only do on the surface!!! It's so nice to hear that someone else besides me is REAL!!! You go girl!!!!!

  2. I can totally remember you getting ready for the gyno the same way in college! So funny! I actually do the same thing though.

    And you are not a slacker. I would rather stay home and eat pizza, then drive in the rain too.

  3. This had me laughing out loud! So true! Why, oh why do we women put that silly stress on ourselves!