Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Night Fun!!!

I love when I get the whole house to myself! It's Saturday night, the kids are all asleep and the hubby is out with some friends.......I have folded clothes, organized my closet and caught up on some emails. It is crazy how much I can get done when I have the house to myself! I LOVE the quiet. I love getting to watch whatever I want on TV with no complaints! Unfortunately, there is nothing good on the tube tonight.

It is funny how times changed since my 20's. If this would have been my Saturday night 10 years ago, I would have been thoroughly depressed....but not today. Today, this Saturday night is just what I needed. Depressing....NO....relaxing.....YES!!!! This is life. It's not always full of fruffy drinks and slinky outfits! In fact, I am typing this in a ripped t-shirt and striped cozy pants. My hair is a mess and makeup....I know I put some on this morning.....But it is a good life!!! Just look....

I live with a super model....

Prince Charming....(poor boy has TERRIBLE allergies!)

And of course....My little Princess!!!

She cracks me up!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Long Time No Post....

Oh my gosh.....I have not written in new post in far too long!!! I have been busy, busy, busy. I have decided that it may be time for me to turn in my "stay at home" apron and dust off my old teaching certificate. With the Captain's job change, it would really help out if I went back to work....I have mixed feelings about it. The Red Head will be in Kindergarten and The Brunette is three so preschool would be great for him. It is my little Blond One that worries me. She is my side kick, my little friend when the other two are off at school. She is really attached to me and it makes me want to cry when I think about dropping her off somewhere.....I know it will be fine and she will be fine. I am sure it will even be an easier transition for her then me!! But, it is hard all the same. So we shall see. My application has been turned into 3 districts around my house so there is no turning back!!!

I am also excited at the possibility of going back. AND..... New clothes would be a must!!! I'll keep ya posted!! In the meantime, The Blond is off and running, literally!!! She mastered walking and has now discovered that she can get places faster by running. It is seriously adorable. May is a crazy month. We have dance recitals, preschool graduations and lots of birthdays to celebrate. Summer is right around the corner and then my first baby, starts Kindergarten. I just can't believe it. Time sure flies....

We don't have too much planned for the summer. A lot of relaxing, swimming, and fun!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

My favorite time of year is Christmas, so of course my favorite season has to be winter. I just love bundling up (I live in Texas so it kinda depends on if we are getting a good winter which we totally did this year) ANYWAY, I love bundling up and walking outside and smelling the crisp winter air. You know when you can smell neighbors fires burning. I love a cold and cloudy day. Call me crazy, but I do. Not to mention, I have much cuter winter clothes, maybe I need to go shopping. Well, winter is gone. I have put away my turtlenecks and long sleeved tee's. Spring is here. I love the cold, but I am really enjoying the spring temps and the outdoor activities. By the way, I even invested in a cute new pair of capris jeans!

We recently went for a family outing to a nearby park. We had a lot of fun enjoying the fresh air. I just love watching my kids play outside. They LOVE it!!

We couldn't get to the park fast enough. The Red Head was ready to play. 

The Blond One was ready with anticipation. This was the first time she could walk at the park and not have to be held or strolled around!

I love to watch her explore her surroundings. Of course, that involves putting a lot of wood chips in her mouth!! 

My boy, he never lets go of that bear. It literally goes EVERYWHERE!!!

My big girl. Walking all over. She is truly amazing. I could watch her for hours!! 

Pretty soon she will be sliding on her own. How is that these precious days fly by...

She is truly a daddy's girl. What could be more fun then having your daddy push you high as the sky.

If you look really close, you can see The Brunette's eyes peeking through the top hole.

Did I mention how much he loves that bear? He calls him Bear Bear.

The hardest part of taking them to the park is leaving. Mommy and Daddy are ready to go, but the kids...not so much. It is such a fight getting them to the car. Oh the joys!! I am going to enjoy the time we have until summer. 

I HATE summer's in Texas. They are miserable. It is HOT. So so very HOT. The kind of hot that the minute you step outside you have trouble breathing and feel as though you need to take another shower, even though you just took one. Your car is like an inferno, even when it is parked in the garage. 

But for now....spring is in the air.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Enjoying the Peace!!!

I am having a rare moment that I am actually just sitting down! The Red Head and the Brunette are at preschool and the Blond One is taking a nap. I should be dusting or vacuuming, but instead....Ahhhhh...I am enjoying the peace of the moment. Lately it seems like we are going NONSTOP! March seems to have flown by.  We had a party of some kind almost every weekend. Don't get me wrong, I love a good party with a yummy piece (or two) of cake. But I have to admit, I am glad we do not have any plans this weekend. I will, however, be getting ready for the Brunette's party later this month.

My boy turned three on the 6th. We (mainly me) have pushed his party to the end of the month. He had school on his birthday so I took some cupcakes up for a celebration. That night, we had a small cake for him at home. He was thrilled! I'll say it again. I can't believe how FAST the time goes by. Three years have FLOWN by and I want them to slow down. Here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment of his BIG day!!!

As you can see, he was EXCITED!! Even threw some gang signs!

Silly boy!

Three cuties one Birthday boy!!!

This was his 10.99 Tom Thumb cake. It was quite tasty and the boy was thrilled!

I wonder what he wished for...

Birthdays are so much fun. He will have his party at  a Bounce House place by our house. Well my friends, my time has come to an end...I hear the Blond One in her crib. She is shouting the sounds that tell me my moments of peace are up....I enjoy the quiet, but I LOVE the look she gets on her face when I walk into her room. She will get soooo excited jumping up and down and reaching up to me. For now....I am her everything...So even though peace and quiet is good, playing with my excited almost 15 month old is better!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some Easter Pics!!

The Brunette had his first Easter Party at school. He was so excited!!

He was so proud of his eggs!!!

We alternate Easters every year. It works out great and we don't have to try and fit everyone's house in one day! This year was spent at the in-laws. They had a DELICIOUS meal of ham and lots of fatty carbs!! I took 9 million pictures but will only post a few.

The Red Head loves her jewels! This particular necklace is from the dollar bin at Target (our favorite store!)

Family Shot! Thanks camera timer.

I LOVE this shot. She is such a daddy's girl. Love a man in a pink shirt!

The hunt was on!!!

The Blond One lost her outfit!! She spilled water all over it so she hunted in her diaper!

My boy!!!!

We had a great day. The weather was a little hot for my taste, but hey, I live in Texas. We did not dress fancy and all the kids sported outfits from Target. That's us....Pretty casual!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Me Monday!!!

Fess Up Everyone!!!!

I did NOT eat a piece of Strawberry Cake and Death by Chocolate at Eater dinner. NEVER. Especially when I am trying to lose the last of the baby weight (and by the way, the baby is NOT almost 15 months old) Not ME!!

I am NOT in denial at all that my BABY is walking. She is NOT walking (even though she can go across the room on two legs without falling). She is a baby and can't walk yet. NOT ME. I would NEVER be in denial about such important milestones only to keep her "my baby" forever!!!!

I do NOT sneak chocolate eggs when nobody is looking. I would NEVER EVER do that. That is soooo Not me!!!

My family and I did not miss church on Sunday (especially Easter Sunday). Not US.

I most certainly did not bribe the Red Head with candy so that she would NOT wear the horrible headband my mom bought her (sorry mom). It really didn't go with her outfit. Not me. I NEVER resort to bribery with food.

I did not bypass all of the healthy foods, salad, veggies at Easter dinner and instead load up on mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese (ohhhh sooooo good!!!). Not me!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what a PERFECT mom and dieter I am!!!!! Ha!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Guppy Big Pond

Seriously, this is too much!! I had to register my first born for Kindergarten today AND then pay for her cap and gown for her preschool graduation. Are you kidding me??? She was just a tiny baby (5 lbs and 14 oz to be exact!). Now she is a red haired ball of fire that is going to sport a cap and gown in May and start school in the fall. I thought I would be really excited about her going to school from 8-3 Monday-Friday, but I walked in and the school looked HUGE...Way bigger then her little church school she goes to. She is like a little guppy in a big pond.

I am excited to join PTA and take her back to school shopping!! I am not excited that she has to be in her seat by 8 am or she is tardy. YIKES!!! Well, life is changing and babies are growing...Welcome to our new chapter!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Calling all Savvy Shoppers!!!

Ok, so being a stay at home mom (the whole one income family thing), you would think I would be an expert coupon user. I JUST don't understand the whole system. Seriously...I have a sister in law that stays home with her kids. She is ALWAYS finding deals. Not just at the grocery store, but on-line. I swear at Christmas she spends NOTHING but gives really cool gifts. She has all kinds of codes, points, whatever.  You would be AMAZED at the steals she gets. She can also go to the store and spend over 300 dollars on groceries and then after coupons, her bill is like 60 bucks. I know she is not the only one that can save a mean dollar.

Why can't I??? Am I lazy...I tried the whole coupon thing a few years ago. Every Saturday, the husband would bring a newspaper home. I would cut through the coupons. I even had a cute file thingy to put them in. But you know what...I kept buying things I didn't need simply because I had a coupon. I mean seriously, sometimes I don't need 3 boxes of something in order to get the 50 cents off. Also, many times I can get the generic brand for cheaper then what the brand that I have a coupon. Take diapers. I have started buying the Target Up and Up brand (which I LOVE). I can get a box of 84 for 13.49 versus pampers or huggies 19 something and then a 2 or 3 dollar coupon (still the Target ones are cheaper).

I buy the same things most weeks. Literally, we have our staple meals (quick and easy). I wish I could be more savvy about my shopping. I would LOVE to come home and say, "Honey, I just saved us 60 dollars on our weekly bill." But for some reason, I DESPISE coupons. Even when I have a coupon, I never HAVE it when I need it. It is usually left at home on the counter or in my other purse...

 I have even spent LOTS of time looking at other people's blogs, message boards, and websites all devoted to saving a buck....I want to be thrifty, honest. But then I just get all stressed out trying to figure out how people get things FREE using a coupon on double or triple coupon day. I wish there was a REALLY easy class to take or something. Any tips would be great!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Late Night Guilty Pleasures!!

I don't know why I always get sucked into late night TV shows. Last night, I was soooo tired and needed to go to bed early.  Instead, I stayed up watching the show, Hoarders. was interesting to say the least. The woman on the show hadn't thrown away a single piece of trash in over a year. Her house was LITERALLY floor to ceiling of stuff and a TON of trash. Seriously, pizza boxes, food to go boxes, old to go cups...It was really sad. I don't understand how that happens. I can see holding on to sentimental things, but a pizza box? In any case, I couldn't stop watching. I kept staring at the clock and thinking how I needed to go to sleep, but NOPE. I watched the entire show.

I have the opposite problem. I am a freak about clutter. I don't save anything. I wish I was a little more sentimental. I mean, I save special baby clothes and artwork from the kids, but that's about it. I keep thinking I need to start saving cards I receive for special occasions, but what do I keep them in? A hat box or something...

ANYWAY, not only did I stay up way too late, I ended up having dreams of my house being infested with rodents and (scuse my grossness) BIG rodent poop....GROSS and DISGUSTING!!!!!

On a not so gross note, take a look at the latest photo I took of the blond one.

Seriously, is she adorable or what???

I am having a lot of fun editing my photos. This is another excuse I have been using to stay up late. Needles to say, I am tired and DRAGGING on this Monday. OH, and I have been assigned next Tuesday at 9:30 to officially register the Red Head in Kindergarten. I can't believe it. I have been told that once they start school the time even goes faster....How is that possible??? The time goes too fast as it is. I want to push the pause button or something. 

Well, if you have any great suggestions on how to keep cards and small sentimental things NEATLY tucked away, I would appreciate your suggestions!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is Here!!

This week the Red Head and the Brunette have been on spring break. We have been having a lot of fun outside because the weather has been GORGEOUS. I'll say it again, we live in Texas and pretty soon it is going to be 100 degrees so we are going outside as much as possible. 

The Blond One has also started taking steps. I am not ready for her to walk yet...(though she is almost 14 months). She is still my baby. She is so cute and looks so proud when she takes her steps. I suspect she will be walking in the next couple weeks. 

I have been staying up WAY too late playing with the photo shop program. I only have it for 27 more days.....I am still learning, but here are some pics of some outdoor adventures!!

She LOVES being outside!

The wonders of weeds!! 

He is one handsome fella!!

Hmmm....I was trying to be artistic....I still need to work on that!!!

This is not from our outdoor adventures, but I just love the photo!!! By the way, I made that hat!

Tomorrow is Friday and spring break will just about be over. We have had a great time this week going on a few play dates and just relaxing. OH, and next week....I actually have to register my first BABY for Kindergarten. REALLY....where does the time go??? 

So, my last baby is about to be walking and my first baby going to school....I am not sure I am ready for all this growing up!!! 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lightroom is AWESOME!!!

I am doing a free trial of this photoshop program for 30 days. I want it!!! This is why the hubs should buy it for me....

I love this pic...

I mean really, I could never take this myself.

Pleeeaaasseee.....I want this program.

Think of all the money we can save of prof pics!

I was just playing around with this program. I am sure it does way cooler stuff. I need to work with it more. But sadly, after 30 days it miraculously goes off my computer. Not sure how that works, but whatev... I am enjoying it now!!!!

Not Me Monday!!!

Brought to you by McKmama

I was not super excited to meet my friend and her daughter and my mom to take the two girls to American Girl. Only to have the Brunette PUKE in the car all over himself not once but twice on the way to drop him off at his other grandma's house. Then, I was definitely NOT annoyed at him that I would have to cancel my trip with the girls to American Girl. NOT ME. I would never be annoyed at one of my kids for getting sick!

Oh, and I did not ask him 9 million times if he was sure he didn't feel good. And if he was SURE he didn't want to go for his special day with his grandma. NOT ME!!!

It also NEVER crossed my mind that I could drop him off anyway and pretend like the throwing up never happened (except he had no shirt on and was as white as a ghost). NOT ME. 

I did not stay in bed on Sunday until 10. NOT ME. Never happened.

I did not curse the time change. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's Your Theme Song?

It seems like I have always somehow associated my life with some type of theme song. You know, the kind you listen to over and over again and sing at the top of your lungs! I think I do this because I am (and I admit this freely) a bit of a drama queen! Being a drama queen, I always think I am the leading lady in my own movie. So of course I need a theme song, right?

When I was in junior high, I would say my theme song was Girl's Just Want to have Fun.

High School, definitely Elevate My Mind. Just read the lyrics!! My friend (now sister in law, story for another time!) and I would drive around in her Buick singing it at the top of our lungs... Give me a break people. I was a teen in the 90's.

College was such a roller coaster that I can't pinpoint one song...I had MANY!

Of course, during the big break up with my husband (boyfriend at the time), I Will Survive. Although, I am pretty sure that is every girl's "break up" theme song. I would listen to it every morning on the way to work. Well, not so much listening as YELLING the lyrics. Gloria Gaynor knew what she was doing when she wrote that song!!! Of course, he came to his senses and we got back together to live happily ever after!!

So, I was thinking tonight...what is my theme song for this point in my life....I'm not really sure. I don't think I really have one. I mean, there are a lot of songs that I sing (loudly) in the blue minivan. My Daughter's Eyes (The Red Head calls this our song),  Anyway, and This One's for the Girls (we love Martina McBride). Honestly, we sing lots of songs in the car, but none have really been dubbed (by me) my theme song. 

Maybe I don't have a theme song anymore... Is it possible that I am no longer a leading lady? Am I NOW the MOTHER of the leading lady??

What's your theme song? 

Thank You Thursday!!!!

I love this day!! Another edition of Thank You Thursday! Brought to you by Our Imperfect Life.

I am thankful for the great weather we have been having. Texas doesn't get spring for too long. Pretty soon I will be cursing the HEAT!!

I am thankful for my wonderful mom that has done so much for me and is taking the girls and I on our first trip to American Girl!!!

I am thankful for my also wonderful mother-in-law who is taking my son for the day on his own "special" day so he does not feel left out!

I am thankful for sticking to my laundry a day routine....Really does make laundry easier.

I am thankful for a little girl that I never met teaching me that life is short so ENJOY every minute (even when the minutes don't seem so enjoyable!)

As always, I am thankful for my three babies. I love them more then I ever thought possible!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a Day...

Today is bitter sweet. I have mentioned Layla Grace in several of my blog posts. This little girl has touched so many lives it is truly amazing. Almost every blog I read has at some point talked about Layla's battle with neuroblastoma. She has been suffering in pain for quite awhile. I have read her parent's blog (every post) and it has broken my heart. I have looked at her pictures and cried. A little girl, I have never met, that thousands have never met, has forever left an imprint on my heart. She lost her battle this morning and is now at peace in Heaven. I can't imagine what her parents are going through. I can't imagine watching one of my children fighting for their life and not being able to do anything about it. I admire their strength and courage and her parent's absolute faith in God. So today, I am sad for Layla's family. I am sad that they will never get to watch their beautiful girl experience life. But what Layla accomplished in two short years, is more then most will accomplish in 50. She brought strangers together in prayer, closer to families and closer to God. Layla Grace is truly an angel...

So today, instead of picking up toys all day and constantly doing the dreaded chores (while the older two were at school). I played. I got on the floor with the Blond One and tickled her so much her laughing made me laugh. I kissed her a thousand times and told her how much I love her. We went to pick up the Red Head and Brunette from school and I couldn't have been more happy to see them. When we got home, we thew our things inside. I grabbed the camera and we went outside to enjoy the beautiful spring day (Texas doesn't have many of those!) So enjoy the MANY pictures I took today...
What is more fun then big wheels??
Still trying to figure out the "perfect" camera settings!
My dreamy baby!!
Love those hands!
Sisters...need I say more?
My world...My three kids (if they would only look at the camera)
My Red Head...what a helper.
My Boy. I love his smile.
 She is her mommy's daughter!!
How I love those cheeks!
The Brunette loves his sisters dearly!
That is me going for an "artistic" angle!!
Sidewalk chalk. It is messy, but today...I didn't care!
There she is...The Blue Minivan!! True inspiration, don't you think???

I am truly blessed. Today, I am thankful my three babies are sleeping soundly in their beds. Safe. Happy. They don't know how much they have changed my life.