Thursday, March 25, 2010

Calling all Savvy Shoppers!!!

Ok, so being a stay at home mom (the whole one income family thing), you would think I would be an expert coupon user. I JUST don't understand the whole system. Seriously...I have a sister in law that stays home with her kids. She is ALWAYS finding deals. Not just at the grocery store, but on-line. I swear at Christmas she spends NOTHING but gives really cool gifts. She has all kinds of codes, points, whatever.  You would be AMAZED at the steals she gets. She can also go to the store and spend over 300 dollars on groceries and then after coupons, her bill is like 60 bucks. I know she is not the only one that can save a mean dollar.

Why can't I??? Am I lazy...I tried the whole coupon thing a few years ago. Every Saturday, the husband would bring a newspaper home. I would cut through the coupons. I even had a cute file thingy to put them in. But you know what...I kept buying things I didn't need simply because I had a coupon. I mean seriously, sometimes I don't need 3 boxes of something in order to get the 50 cents off. Also, many times I can get the generic brand for cheaper then what the brand that I have a coupon. Take diapers. I have started buying the Target Up and Up brand (which I LOVE). I can get a box of 84 for 13.49 versus pampers or huggies 19 something and then a 2 or 3 dollar coupon (still the Target ones are cheaper).

I buy the same things most weeks. Literally, we have our staple meals (quick and easy). I wish I could be more savvy about my shopping. I would LOVE to come home and say, "Honey, I just saved us 60 dollars on our weekly bill." But for some reason, I DESPISE coupons. Even when I have a coupon, I never HAVE it when I need it. It is usually left at home on the counter or in my other purse...

 I have even spent LOTS of time looking at other people's blogs, message boards, and websites all devoted to saving a buck....I want to be thrifty, honest. But then I just get all stressed out trying to figure out how people get things FREE using a coupon on double or triple coupon day. I wish there was a REALLY easy class to take or something. Any tips would be great!!!


  1. Check out!

  2. I admit, it does take some time to get it figured out. However, if and when, you figure it out, you will become addicted! I know I have:)

    I only started couponing at the beginning of this year. I'm still not an expert at it, but I have taken our monthly grocery budget from $600 down to $450! And I'm hoping to eventually get it around $400.

    I'm not ever buying things I wouldn't use either. I admit, I sometimes buy things I don't need at that moment, but if it's a great sale on something we use, then I'll buy it.

    For instance, I got pasta noodles yesterday at the store for $0.40/box...they were on sale, and I had a coupon. I stocked up, and now we probably won't need pasta for the next 2 months:) I do the same with cereal. The cheapest I've gotten cereal is $0.60/box!

    I guess I'm not really helping you, just trying to encourage you!

  3. That does help!! Thank you! I REALLY am going to try. I have GOT to lower our grocery bill....

  4. By the way, .60 for a box of cereal is CRAZY!!!! I would be soooo excited to get cereal for that cheap!!!

  5. Im like you, I just cannot get into it. I get overwhelemd and then dont try anymore. I have friends that are awesome at it, but I have no idea. Im that way about being creative too. Im just not. Its hard because I hoeschool and often think "why in the world would God have me doing this because I seriosuy struggle in that area"?. But, its His plan, Im just walking in it ;) ~ so you are not alone, lol!! xxoo LA