Thursday, April 8, 2010

Enjoying the Peace!!!

I am having a rare moment that I am actually just sitting down! The Red Head and the Brunette are at preschool and the Blond One is taking a nap. I should be dusting or vacuuming, but instead....Ahhhhh...I am enjoying the peace of the moment. Lately it seems like we are going NONSTOP! March seems to have flown by.  We had a party of some kind almost every weekend. Don't get me wrong, I love a good party with a yummy piece (or two) of cake. But I have to admit, I am glad we do not have any plans this weekend. I will, however, be getting ready for the Brunette's party later this month.

My boy turned three on the 6th. We (mainly me) have pushed his party to the end of the month. He had school on his birthday so I took some cupcakes up for a celebration. That night, we had a small cake for him at home. He was thrilled! I'll say it again. I can't believe how FAST the time goes by. Three years have FLOWN by and I want them to slow down. Here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment of his BIG day!!!

As you can see, he was EXCITED!! Even threw some gang signs!

Silly boy!

Three cuties one Birthday boy!!!

This was his 10.99 Tom Thumb cake. It was quite tasty and the boy was thrilled!

I wonder what he wished for...

Birthdays are so much fun. He will have his party at  a Bounce House place by our house. Well my friends, my time has come to an end...I hear the Blond One in her crib. She is shouting the sounds that tell me my moments of peace are up....I enjoy the quiet, but I LOVE the look she gets on her face when I walk into her room. She will get soooo excited jumping up and down and reaching up to me. For now....I am her everything...So even though peace and quiet is good, playing with my excited almost 15 month old is better!!!


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