Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

My favorite time of year is Christmas, so of course my favorite season has to be winter. I just love bundling up (I live in Texas so it kinda depends on if we are getting a good winter which we totally did this year) ANYWAY, I love bundling up and walking outside and smelling the crisp winter air. You know when you can smell neighbors fires burning. I love a cold and cloudy day. Call me crazy, but I do. Not to mention, I have much cuter winter clothes, maybe I need to go shopping. Well, winter is gone. I have put away my turtlenecks and long sleeved tee's. Spring is here. I love the cold, but I am really enjoying the spring temps and the outdoor activities. By the way, I even invested in a cute new pair of capris jeans!

We recently went for a family outing to a nearby park. We had a lot of fun enjoying the fresh air. I just love watching my kids play outside. They LOVE it!!

We couldn't get to the park fast enough. The Red Head was ready to play. 

The Blond One was ready with anticipation. This was the first time she could walk at the park and not have to be held or strolled around!

I love to watch her explore her surroundings. Of course, that involves putting a lot of wood chips in her mouth!! 

My boy, he never lets go of that bear. It literally goes EVERYWHERE!!!

My big girl. Walking all over. She is truly amazing. I could watch her for hours!! 

Pretty soon she will be sliding on her own. How is that these precious days fly by...

She is truly a daddy's girl. What could be more fun then having your daddy push you high as the sky.

If you look really close, you can see The Brunette's eyes peeking through the top hole.

Did I mention how much he loves that bear? He calls him Bear Bear.

The hardest part of taking them to the park is leaving. Mommy and Daddy are ready to go, but the kids...not so much. It is such a fight getting them to the car. Oh the joys!! I am going to enjoy the time we have until summer. 

I HATE summer's in Texas. They are miserable. It is HOT. So so very HOT. The kind of hot that the minute you step outside you have trouble breathing and feel as though you need to take another shower, even though you just took one. Your car is like an inferno, even when it is parked in the garage. 

But for now....spring is in the air.


  1. awwww, so cute!! I know, my girls are older and still dont ever want to leave the park!! lol. Great pics and post! xoxo LA

  2. she's adorable! such a cute blog. :)
    nicole visiting from