Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Box

So the Captain and watched an interesting movie tonight, The Box . I thought it was pretty good. I guess it was kind of a Sci Fi/Thriller. I won't give the whole movie away, but basically a typical suburban family, with some pretty major financial problems is faced with a dilemma. Do they push a button in a box, causing someone they don't know an untimely death, and receive one million dollars. Or do they not push the button and the offer goes to someone else...Hmm.....interesting proposal. Anyway, I won't tell you what they decided to do, however, it is not that hard to figure out seeing they made a whole movie of it!

 It was pretty good, not realistic, but hey, isn't that why we watch movies? To escape  our own lives for a little while. Anyway, if you like suspenseful movies then you should check this one out. Plus it has Cameron Diaz, and how cute is she? 

This coming week, I am going to start posting easy recipes in my blog! I am not gonna lie, I hate don't really enjoy cooking all that much. I realize that I am a stay at home mom, and I should LOVE cooking; but honestly, I don't find much pleasure in being in the kitchen at all. Soooo, I cook super easy things that don't require much prep work. Remember, we are a one income household so not only do I make easy meals, they are pretty inexpensive!  Be sure to check back!!


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